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My name is Gonzalo "Gonzo" Arriagada, founder of e-tenniscommunity. I have been a teaching professional for the last 20 years. I always wanted a way to communicate better with my members and to increase members club’s participation. This is what you will get as a e-tenniscommunity member:

  • Create a player profile for other members to find you
  • Create a network of players
  • Create a network of teaching professionals
  • Sign up for courts, ladders and events
  • Tips from tennis professionals or fitness instructors to help you improve your game
  • Email reminders about upcoming events

We hope that you enjoy and learn from the site. We are always working to improve the website. Your feedback is very valuable and grately appreciated. E-Tennis Community welcomes you to express your ideas and concepts.

Thanks again,

Gonzalo Arriagada
e-tenniscommunity Founder
USPTA certified, PTR professional


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