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Everything that you see at the e-tenniscommunity web site was built from scratch, making it very unique, from the css style sheets to the php and jquery platform. We started this project two years ago and the end result is to help thousands of tennis teaching professionals generate more revenue and give their clients (club members) the best online service available to them. It has been a very fun project and it can get bigger with your help.

  • We hope that you are a tennis enthusiast but is not a requirement
  • Fluency with all minor versions of PHP from 5.0 to 5.4 as well as the compile options & extensions and JQUERY knowlegde: We are in the process to strength our mobile application to make it easy for users to access and update information
  • Working knowledge of Linux operating systems, their underlying components and web related services:  Web Servers (apache, LiteSpeed, etc), SQL Servers (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc), Mail Servers (Exim, Sendmail etc), DNS Servers (BIND), and Linux Filesystems (ext3, reiser, etc)

Send a little something about yourself to, along with links to your work. This position is part time. Your compensation will depend on the size of the project.


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